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Organization Of Victims and Survivors (OVS)

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MASS Graves

The survey's findings revealed that civilians of all ages were killed. The massacred included people aged 90 and 12 years old, with the average age of those killed being 36. Both sexes were killed, with women accounting for 10% of those killed during the conflict. These individuals were not members of the armed insurgent force; 58% were pastoralists, 19% were farmers, and 9% were students. This survey's mass graves are located in
the Somali zones, and the number of people killed in each zone is as follows: Jarar (121), Fafan (93), Korahey (46), and Dollo (37). According to the findings, everyone in each mass grave was killed at the
same time.

Bayahow: The aftermath of Jail Ogaden


​This is a first of its kind report detailing the experiences of Jail Ogaden prisoners in Bayahow, a forced labour camp, 3 years after its closure. Over 808 ONLF political prisoners were transported from Jigjiga to Bayahow camp in early 2018 to continue their imprisonment under harsh new conditions. Today, survivors are voicing their experiences in battling the physical, psycho-social and economic ramifications of years of imprisonment and calling for justice and accountability. Read their stories here. 

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COVID-19 Awareness and Response


​OVS members traveled to four districts - Araarso, Dhagaxbuur, Gursum, and Shabelle to raise awareness about COIVD-19 prevention. We worked closely with the Department of Health at the State and District levels, as well as the World Health Organization. We donated face masks, gloves, alcohol, soap, and makeshift washing stations for public use. In collaboration with the district level department of health we engaged in various activities to help raise awareness on how to avoid contracting and or spreading COVID, signs and symptoms of COVID, as well as steps to take if one contracts or suspects they have contracted COVID. 

- 11 June, 2020 

Creation of OVS Sub Offices 


​OVS main office is currently located in Jigjiga. We expanded our network of victims by creating sub offices in five zones including  Jarar, Qorexay, Shabelle, Dollo, and Erar. The purpose of creating these sub offices is to help all victims within the region to get organized, help amplify their voices, and enhance coordination of activities. 

- 27 May, 2020 

Donation of Food to Victims 


OVS donated food which consisted of rice, oil, and milk to 21 families in Jigjiga that were among the most needy of the victims. 

- 15, May, 2020

The Dark History Of imprisonment in the Somali region: A Victim's Perspectives 

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